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Meet Mrs. Maddox, Executive Director


I’m passionate about early childhood education and dedicated to positively impacting children's lives in a safe and nurturing learning environment. Why? That’s what is instilled in my family. I’m the wife to my high school sweetheart Lorenzo Maddox Sr., mother of four, Lorenzo (Jr) 20, London (19), Cameron (17), Lauren (12) and Bella our dog.

Early in my career, I was a paralegal assistant for a law firm. After 8 years in the world of law, my job was no longer rewarding. After I had my oldest son, I realized childcare centers no longer offered discovery and demonstrating a sense of family, the feeling of love, and the sound of laughter for children while they learned.

My mother decided to retire after over 35 years in the industry (yes, I’m a D.C., “Daycare Child!”), and she offered me an opportunity to lease her school.  For two years I worked at the school every morning and at the law firm part-time. In 2007, I took the ultimate leap of faith. A career change in Early Education was the perfect opportunity for me to spend more time with my family while also making a positive impact on the lives of countless other children and families.


Together with a team of amazing and creative teachers, I am committed to providing your family with a loving and developmentally sound foundation for a lifetime of learning.

"My personal philosophy for running a great childcare facility? Don’t ever ask anyone to do anything that you’re not willing to do yourself."

Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students. 

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