Are you unusually good with kids? Does everyone come to you first to babysit their children? Would you even go as far as to say that caring for and educating young children is your calling in life? Does your heart sink when you see a child in need of love and attention? Do you have to restrain yourself from squeezing every baby you see at the supermarket because they’re so dang cute? If so, keep reading…


Busy Little Hands Early Learning Center is looking for an Assistant Early Childhood Teacher. The candidate selected for this opportunity will work closely with an EXPERIENCED Early Childhood Teacher to create a classroom environment where children can THRIVE! This person will help children grow and develop by getting on THEIR LEVEL and helping them discover new things! The LOVING, nurturing care you provide, will make all the difference in the life of a child in need. This is not just a J-O-B, this is work that MATTERS.




  • Is a naturally gifted teacher (No teaching experience required)

  • Can work from 3:15-6:30 pm M-F

  • Loves talking to people

  • Must be able to use mad ninja skills to run after a child and keep them safe

  • Can bring their personality with them all day, every day

  • Sets a goal then takes action to conquer it!

  • Is someone who parents will dump their kids on because they need a break and they know you will do a better job than they ever will!

  • Extremely organized and detail-oriented

  • Is trusted by others

  • Willing to change diapers, clean floors, and do the dishes if that’s what it takes to get things done

  • Believes in having fun

  • Can compose emails and messages (in ENGLISH not pig-latin) with correct grammar, punctuation, and a few emojis ??

  • Is always learning, growing, and being stretched

  • Multi-tasks so well that plate spinners look on with awe

  • Is a naturally gifted communicator

  • Desires to be a part of something larger than themselves

  • WORKS hard and PLAYS hard!